Couture Season: Lets Break It Down…

This time of year, like most fashion followers, we are overwhelmed with fashion show after fashion show. What starts the Spring social season is none other than fashion week. Fashion week world wide seems to be nothing short of 3 months. From Pre Fall, Fall, Mens and Couture, getting ready for Resort season Fashion seems to be never ending…

BUUUT THIS WEEK… is the week of all weeks… COUTURE SEASON.
The word couture itself is overused. 

By Definition:

couture |koōˈtoŏ(ə)r; -ˈt y r|
nounthe design and manufacture of fashionable clothes to a client’s specific requirements and measurements
What people are actually dying for is: 
haute couture |ˌōt ˌkoōˈtoŏr|nounthe designing and making of high-quality fashionable clothes by leading fashion houses, esp. to order.

But- none the less people overuse the word and it takes away from… well almost everything that is so beautiful and brilliant about couture… Or so I thought…After seeing this seasons start of Couture season… to quote Project Runway, “I’m Underwhelmed.”
Here is the brutal and honest breakdown from my point of view… (Fashion Editor)
The second reason I got into fashion was seeing Dior’s couture shows from John Galliano (see my rants about that scandalous nazi lover), and after researching Christian Dior himself I fell in love… Lately, since John galliano’s well deserved firing— well dior hasn’t been the same and what I thought was going to recover this couture season… well it was kind of awful… There was nothing really amazing about it.
Everything was safe, and had a lot of sheers… The skirt… really? That is couture?
Oh well… The majority of the looks were awful and the amount of black white and red… well reminded me of a 50’s soda shop. The last five looks were amazing, but kind of reminded me of the black and white collection that Marchesa did a few seasons back…

Who usually stuns me in menswear and who makes me oogle of women’s wear… well going over the top is a good thing, compared to dior’s let down… his was well a bit too much. He took monochromatic to the next level by painting the model’s faces to match… kind of ridiculous and not really innovative, but hey he is allowed to do whatever right?

“God I miss Gianni”

Donatella, you astound me that you can produce that much trash for the past decade. It never ceases to amaze me on how tacky and awful your collections get.
(and how you make Arizona Muse look like that… I have no clue… How sad.)

Bouchra Jarrar … I’m not even going to post pictures of because it was a waste- it had nothing to do with couture…


I was actually very impressed by Giambattista Valli’s collection.It looked refined, it was couture, it was beautiful- I got bored after a while and I didn’t understand his final look, but I loved the colors… His collection was extremely thought out and I appreciated it. I can’t wait to see what else is in store for him. Though, Dior’s sheers and exposed construction definitely out beat his, but then again the team at Dior has it down to perfection… (see I did say something nice about dior.)


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