Growing Up…

Growing up. When we are kids, we can’t wait to grow up. Hell, we even pretend like we are grown ups. My sister and I used to take ginger ale and pretend it was champagne and smoke those bubble gum cigarettes. Now that we can drink champagne and smoke cigarettes, I still find it to be as glamourous as before but this time I crave a different setting. It is fine to drink champagne in the privacy of your own home, or even at brunch- but in all reality it is the setting that makes it count the most. I have sipped on Vueve at W Hotels, and Moet’s White Star at the Met- but what I really want is to be drinking champagne at the SOCIAL CULTURE party. A party that doesn’t exist, yet. I just got a huge new place, and have filled it with amazing furniture.. I feel more grown up, but I am not a grown up just yet. I feel like being a “grown up” is when you achieve your dreams and you get to look at yourself in the mirror and see that all your hard work has paid off. The world of fashion is in a frenzy right now, and doubling up with award season we find ourselves even more consumed by our work- as SOCIAL CULTURE is taking a leap forward this year, I hope that by the end of this year I will feel even more grown up with champagne, cigarettes and a closet full of couture…

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