January 10

“A Man’s worth is no greater than the worth of his ambitions.” – Marcus Aurelius

Ambition, drive, perseverance and diligence … qualities that I admire in anyone but qualities that I believe I posses. I know that it is only January 10, but I feel like the year is already escaping me. I look at designers, and for some reason they are putting out collection after collection, and I look at other magazines who do produce beautiful editorials- Colleagues are constantly sending me over photographs that are inspiring, and yet I am conflicted…

It’s funny because I have all the ambition in the world, and only want the best- but because the career I have chosen, well it depends on other people. I feel like time is of the essence in this industry and I already feel that time is running out. I look around and only wonder what could happen next? I feel like I have been playing all the cards right, with or without the help of other people. It frustrates me to see people who want to be a part of something great but are too lazy, or too selfish to put in the work-  if you want to ride on my coat tails than fine, but don’t be surprised if I get to the top and you aren’t there with me.

It is really time to start picking and choosing the right people. I have been screwed over way too many times to let someone’s selfishness, or incompetence get in my way.

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