Casual Nights

A night out with the boys…

I would say I have I have many different clusters of friends, and the other night SOCIAL CULTURE decided to go out together.
After a night working, we stayed for drinks, boys, men, pool, beer and a good time.

Here are a few pointers I have learned when going out with friends…

1. Be a good wingman to your friends when they want to talk to someone.
2. Don’t be afraid to go for a guy if you see someone you like, your friends will have your back.
3. When going out, make sure you and your friends DON’T match, or coordinate, it looks awkward. We call each other to make sure we are not coordinating.
4. Always bring an extra $20 to buy a guy a drink. If you don’t find someone to buy a drink for, hey- you saved 20 dollars. Don’t go spending it on yourself. Save it for next time.
5. If you are going to limit that amount of money you are going to bring, then don’t ask to borrow from your friends.
6. Don’t ever go home with someone you didn’t come with. It’s tacky.

A Second Chance…

What if life gave you a second chance at love, a love that never got to come into existence, that never really had a chance, and the timing was all wrong…  Would you take it? I hope so. I am.

Everything I have learned over the past 8 years has gone out the door, and it has been the best thing ever. It is like everything that I knew about love, relationships and men was erased from my memory and here I am- completely engulfed in the present.

If there was something that connected two people, whatever that may be- whatever it could be… it is happening. 

Life Happens. That’s not an excuse…

January 15, we are halfway through the month and as most people’s new year resolutions are failing or forgotten- mine are ever present. I am extremely happy. And I am busting my ass off to promote SOCIAL CULTURE.
Today was kind of a hectic day, between juggling clients, driving to Los Angeles for a music video shoot, and then coming home to find a massive amount of e-mails waiting for me- I am now playing catch up. To quote, again Nigel from the Devil Wears Prada, “Let me know when your entire life goes up in smoke: then it’s time for a promotion.
And I hate to admit it- but it seems to be true. You have to sacrifice a lot in this industry to be successful, but I think you pick and choose what you sacrifice- and on that note, the people around you have a large part in this. If they are understanding than the communication between friends might be less frequent. If they are loving they will support you 100 percent. If they truly were a large part of your life than they would try to get involved in your “new” life. If they wanted to be selfish and blame you for not trying- that is their fault. Life is so short, and recently I was reminded of that. 
So, adding to my list of resolutions and goals: Relationships, Friendships and Networking.

Third time is the charm? Ending the year.

Figuring out how to move on in life, is well quite difficult. Regarding relationships, I am not one to preach as well obviously what few relationships I have had, have failed in some way or another. Not that they were a failure, it is just people grow apart, and somehow by growing apart or a horrible affair that scars us for life- we forget how to be happy. Happiness is truly a state of mind, and well to end this year, I have been happy. As all gay men who keep up with technology have Grindr installed on their iPhone- we are constantly searching for the right person. Whether they be right now, right for right now, or right for a relationship – we are all searching for Mr. Right.

As for me, I kind have given up on Mr. Right and have decided on something easier: Mr. Small Delight- someone who does subtle things to make me smile, and who generally cares for me. Even when I am a hot mess. We have all tried dating people, and they are usually the wrong person, and finally when you think you meet someone nice, genuine, or even special- there is something in us that waits, or expects that his flaws will show up at soon… End of the year dating:

1. Guy one: in theory everything was good, but then the lack of communication and the genuine lack of sincerity went away and it became nothing.

2. Guy two: you thought he was a good guy, later to find out that he is this perpetual douche bag that is so vain it would make snow white’s evil step mother look sane.

And finally, maybe the third time is really the charm: I met him off Grindr, and he his nice, tall, handsome, Hispanic, and funny. What started off as innocent conversation via grindr turned into texting, and soon and somehow it developed into a first date. Granted, we just had our first date but it was kind of amazing, besides having really great conversation (through text and over the date), he made a three course meal and homemade strawberry lemonade, and we cuddled and watched movies while drinking wine. 

This time last year I was frantically sewing, trying to get a collection together in hopes of making a strong impact in the world of fashion design, but alas the year is over and that collection never really came into fruition but SOCIAL CULTURE has. What amazes me about this idea is that this New Year’s will be the first one in 4 years that I am not spending it alone. Last year, Tacia and I drank ridiculously and the year before that I was shit faced at a bar, and the year before that I was depressed, and the year before that I was depressed and drunk with Anneva, trying to get over our exes. This year, I hope will be different…
I hope I don’t spend it shit faced. haha.
2. I get to spend it with someone who I think genuinely likes me- and hopefully tomorrow night starts my …
“Once Upon a Time…”