Ballet in the desert…

I recently went to Phoenix, and while I was there I was working-
 I decided to take a ballet class: Ballet Arizona…
I thought it would make me want to dance again… and for a second… maybe I did want to try to be professional again… but then… I remembered when I was dancing, I was really unhappy…
case and point.
I am happier now that I am in fashion.


The Inland Empire’s Almost Fabulous
As Told by Me: a Gaysian.
It isn’t like we are the cast of the “A List” but we are surely a part of something great. It is the combination of dedication, drive and exceptional talent that has brought us this far. Every person has played their part in SOCIAL CULTURE IE. It wasn’t like I woke up one day and had this fabulous life, or even half the talent that I have now. It has taken years of grooming, etiquette and life experiences to create me. So, on days like yesterday- when I get to work with the extremely talented group of SOCIAL CULTURE IE artists, I realize how lucky I am.