designers designers and designers pre fall 2012

Pre Fall 2012 Looks are pouring down the runways… and the gaysians are at it again…

derek lam pre fall 2012 is showing military sophisticates… Vintage with a twist, and I am loving it.
Military looks won’t be going out of style anytime soon…

Prabal Gurang pre fall 2012 collection was kind of underwhelming for his usual work… his last two even gowns made the girls look extremely broad, but this little number is delicate, yet the belt makes it commanding. I also am digging the texture on the dress.

Peter Som pre fall 2012 collection was all over the place, and I get that geometric prints are in but his were like these awful cheap looking rings and necklaces… I don’t know how I feel about his collection, but this dress I thought was kind of perfect, the draping and the lace, and the color choices were fantastic.

Not a gaysian but celine was my favorite look… well next to givenchy- but this look I thought was perfect, and I am totally going to wear it fall 2012… Look out kids…  The relaxed pant is a nice break between skinnies and harem, the oversized top and neckpiece is relaxed, and the gold bag with the contrast blue trim – right on… Hello comfort!!!

Once again Givenchy does no wrong. Caroline trentini for Gevenchy of course, the two make perfect sense, and the look is killer. Not many people can pull of this look on a daily basis, but who cares? The military/riding look is awesome, black is always flattering, and well it just looks super chic.