The Church… kind of.

I am always asked, “What is the most important thing to know when working in fashion?”
Most people would respond with be yourself… My answer differs:
It is important to know the who’s who of fashion… 
Here is how it works… Condenast (owned by Advance Publications) owns the world of fashion publishing… this includes Vanity Fair, W, Details, Allure, Glamour and of course… VOGUE.
VOGUE is the bible in the world of fashion… 
There are 19 editions of Vogue, and it was founded in 1892.
Anna Wintour is the Editor-inCheif of Vogue… making her like God.
The other Editor-in-Chief’s of Vogue to know…
UK … Alexandra Shulman
French… Emmanuelle Alt (Carine Roitfeld was  proir)
 Italia… Franca Sozzani
Anna Wintour and Franca Sozzani on the cover of Industrie.
Diana Vreeland and Grace Mirabella were former Editor-in-Chiefs at American Vogue.
Every issue of Vogue... I take the time to sit down with a good cup of coffee, 
and read Vogue cover to cover. I don’t flip through and just look at the pictures…
I actually read what is going on…
   Like any religion… there are rules… and we follow VOGUE’s… sometimes…
 There are other bands of fashion religions which include the power of the PR Girl, the 
sharp words of bloggers, the whimsical world of the stylists, the world of infinite possibilities... the designers,
and the incredible eyes of the photographers, the harsh demands of retail,  and the social climbing socialites
But in the world of fashion there is a job that everyone covets…
this infamous title will always belong to the fiery hair/spirited Grace Coddington...
 She is responsible for making VOGUE… well… beyond beautiful. Her editorial spreads are gorgeous and they have been the inspiration for a lot of young aspiring fashionistas… When I was younger I would tear pictures from Vogue out and pin them on my wall… Later, I realized that every photo that I had ever pulled was hers. I don’t think anyone can produce a photo like her… not even me.
If Vogue is the Bible and Anna is God… Grace is like Jesus…
Making Vogue accessible to the public and translating Anna’s word, and point of view.
She is what makes fashion world glamorous and … well we all want her job.
 It doesn‘t end there… because Condenast’s best friend is the LVMH group… LVMH basically owns most of the luxury goods, fashion and products…
 Moet et Chandon, Vueve Clicquot, Belvedere, Fendi, Donna Karan, Emilio Pucci, Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Celine, Parfums Christian Dior, Bulgari and Sephora are just some… 
Finally, the third mean girl in this equation is the PPR group…
owning Gucci, Puma, Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, YSL, Bottega Veneta, Volcom and more…
Between Condenast, LVMH, and PPR… well… they own the world of fashion…
thus why we follow their rules… 
New Obsession… Equestrian all the way… 

The Leading Ladies of Our Times

Whether it was destiny, social climbing, money or connection these women have made their mark on the world. Across the world 18 of these exist, and each of these publications has a fearless woman leader… Vogue.

In the world of Fashion, Vogue (specifically American Vogue) has set the international standard in fashion for beauty, style, trend and photography. Since the publication’s start in 1892 Vogue has evolved into the modern day bible. These woman who collectively, yet independently make us fashionistas go out and buy every version we can get our hands on… These women are:
Anna Wintour (United States)
Alexandra Shulman (United Kingdom)
Emmanuelle Alt (France)
Daniela Falcão (Brazil)
Franca Sozzani (Italy)
Angelica Cheung (China)
Victoria Davydova (Russia)
Kirstie Clements (Australia)
Christiane Arp (Germany)
Myung Hee Lee (Korea)
Priya Tanna (India)
Elena Makris (Greece)
Seda Domaniç (Turkey)
Mitsuko Watanabe (Japan)
Rosalie Huang (Taiwan)
Eva Hughes (Mexico & Spanish America)
Yolanda Sacristán (Spain)
Paula Mateus (Portugal)