When life gives you lemons, screw making lemonade… Make prossecco instead. Its sparkly and gives you a buzz.

This year has been one of the most trying years of my life. It has been exhausting, and with 60 days left, I can’t wait till the new year starts. For my circle of friends, this year has been costly. We have paid such high prices. Most of us lost multiple family members, encountered personal health problems, and battled against the economy. So, this post is for my friend, my mister sister: Michael.

Life only gets better. Even though this year has exhausted you, you are still here… fighting. That is the thing about us, we are fighters. We thrive on adrenaline, and the drama of our lives just makes for better stories. I can’t tell you that next year is going to be amazing, that no one you will be lost, or that you will land a huge promotion. Here is what I can tell you, life is hard, like really hard. That people you love will pass, and that in the workforce there is always someone better than you. Yeah, the truth is hard. But here is another truth about life: I will always be here for you. That when the times are rough, when the walls are caving in, I will be there to push them back. When you need to cry, you can go to someone else (lezbehonest… I am not the best with that), but when you need a night to escape, I’ll be here. I will always have a bottle of Tanqueray for me, and a bottle of Crown for you, a pack of smokes, and other things that are between sisters. I will be right next to you, sweating on the dance floor, singing in the car on a road trip, falling asleep next to you watching Steel Magnolias. I won’t be at the gym with you while you let out your frustration, you can do that with Mario, but I will be there for shopping, and eating out at fabulous restaurants. 

Here is some of what I have learned about our friendship:
Ice cream and Steel Magnolias will always make us laugh.
That if we were ever to commit murder, we would have Southern Accents when doing so.
That dancing to every style of music makes us laugh.
That our numerous selfies will always be entertaining, even if we look like shit that day.
You will always take care of me when I am a drunk mess, in a frenzy of creativeness, and when my stress levels are out of control.
That if you are ketchup, than I am mustard. 
That we will always be honest to each other.
And finally…
You will never be able to get rid of me.
xoxo – me.

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