The rate of publishing media is ridiculous… It literally takes seconds.
Being and editor is difficult, especially because the rate of publishing has drastically changed. Quality goes out the door, and everyone on instagram thinks they are a photographer, stylist or editor. 
The fashionistas and fashionistos of today are becoming younger and younger, and pop culture and mainstream media has created a generation of self-entitled powerhouses that are demanding fashion at an instantaneous rate. 
The problem? The quality of fashion is declining and the attitudes of young fashion followers is creating a stigma of bitchiness. Fashion isn’t for everyone, but everyone consumes it. This over the top, costume-like, obscurities running around Los Angeles and New York City is making it difficult, for those who truly do believe in the quality of fashion, to produce amazing work.
Luckily, I am privileged to be around collaborators who truly do believe in the quality of fashion and life, and allow me to produce work that I stand behind 100 percent.  

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