Casual Chic…

Casual Chic… Taking a trend from couture,
high end ready to wear, or a concept of design and watering it 
down for running errands, going to the grocery store, or meeting
a friend for lunch…

Is it dying? Maybe. Five years ago, the masses
didn’t have an interest in fashion, and now EVERYONE
wants to be a part of it… The problem?

People just buy garments off the rack, just because
it is on the rack at … say H & M and they don’t even know why?
Today at a high end retail store, the sales associate didn’t know 
that Tom Ford was former Gucci… And the sales associate at 
Aldo didn’t know they knock of shoes from the runway… The girl
at H & M didn’t know that the designs they use are 
translated from runway, and she thought couture just meant style…


Taking the idea of an Hombre Suit and translating that into a thermal
with the casual grading of Hombre, skinnies, and an ankle bootie… 

Taking the studded Christian Louboutin Loafers… and mixing them with
shorts and a white V-Neck… 

Taking the idea of proportion and wearing an oversized button up and jeans
with a snazzy shoe… 

Casual Chic can be as easy as Jeans, a white V-neck, a GREAT watch and a 
decent pair of shoes…

Casual Chic… embrace it… you will never know who you will meet.

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