This time last year I was starting a new relationship… I was bright eyed and hopeful.
Work was on the transition to become something bigger than we were, and we had 
just finished shooting the Alexander Paul account…

Fool me once, shame on you… Fool me twice… shame on me…
I can say that I have learned my lesson this year.

Goodbye to the men in my life for 2012…  if you are reading this, I don’t have any
regrets, or disappointments. 

Finally, since this is my last blog of year… and I have already thanked important
people in my life, it’s time to look forward to a great 2013

If there is something about endings I have learned… it means that beginnings are 
on the next page… So here is to 2012 being great, the good and the bad… and welcoming
2013 to be an even better year! If I could only have one wish for 2013 it would be…

As for relationships and men… they will be a dime a dozen…
but SOCIAL CULTURE is a once in a lifetime chance… so here’s to hoping, hard work and the never ending
amounts of inspiration and dedication I have for you.


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