2012 Pt 1

Every epic love story has to come to an end. 
It isn’t like a fairytale that just ends with a, “and they lived happily ever after…”
Endings, are just as beautiful as beginnings.
Since the world didn’t end, but the year is coming to an end…

So, I thought I would take the time and write my ending to this year…

2012 you have been amazing. Everything has gone so well, and for that
I have no complaints. You gave me wonderful memories,
new friends, and great romances. You have reminded me that it’s human 
nature to fail, and the you should revel in small successes. This year you
have taught me how to be a better person, and I hope this next year is 
going to be the same. This year you have taught me patience, and you have
given me two things I didn’t expect. The first, is finding happiness in myself.
For the longest time I have thought I needed to be in a relationship or dating. 
I thought I needed hundreds of friends, and a family to call my own.
You have taught me that the most important person in my life is me.
Please don’t mistake this as selfishness, but it is the truth. 

Secondly, you reminded me that my individuality is more powerful than
the masses. That my identity is important. It’s funny how easily we can become
lost in the translation of life. We get caught up in the emotions,
the drama, the people, and the stereotypes… You have reminded me that 
the pureness of one’s self is so beautiful and so delicate. This year
you have reminded me of how far I have come, and what I truly want out of life.

2012 was supposed to be a great year, and in fact it was more than a great year.
I hope that 2013 can live up to your year, because this year was filled
with gifts beyond reason. So now, I would like to thank some people who have helped
make 2012 so great.

Alexandra Rose… Los Angeles : January 2012
Not only do I have the best boss, a great mother figure, a great business partner 
but the list goes on. I definitely could not have made it through this year without you.
This entire journey this year has been incredible. 

Ceasar Perez… Chicago : December 2012
Truly my best friend. Couldn’t ask for a better friend and better co worker.
So man adventures, so many new life lessons, and so much change. 
Moctezuma Cadenas… Long Beach : March 2012
You are my fashion conscience, and a great friend. I truly do appreciate
all of your input, our sketching over skype, Long Beach Pride this summer
and our long conversations.
Anneva Knapp … Riverside, CA : March 2012
You are my soul mate. The fact I got to see you at the Mission Inn right before
my birthday is beyond words. My love for you is never ending.
Michael “Ratchet Sister” Salcedo… Phoenix, AZ : October 2012
I don’t know where you have been all my life, but I love all of it. I know our friendship
came out of no where, but I love it all.
Bobby Lando … West Hollywood : November 2012
I believe our friendship has grown over the past year, and I truly
believe that you understand me, and I am thankful for that.
Dia… Los Angeles : 2012
I know I only met you this Spring, but truly you are an amazing woman,
and this year has truly been spectacular together.

Jason and Holly – as separates it was great, but now that you are together it s beyond better.
Jamaal Clue – you are my hero.
Jonathan Ramos… you make me giggle.
Cousin, Eric…  i love our times together.

The year has been great.

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