i originally started this post a month ago when my good friend was depressed, then I was going to publish it on her birthday but I was deathly ill…

My most dearest and most darling friend, soulmate and bluebird…
I have known you now for five years, and through out the years I have always wanted the best for you. We have battled out relationships, friendships, careers and personal endeavors. If I could give you the world, I would- but even then I know you wouldn’t be happy or fulfilled… Only you can make yourself happy. Finishing school for us was a great accomplishment, watching our dance careers evolve has been enchanting, London strolls in the fog will be one of the greatest memories of all times. These things in turn, I hope help you find who you really are as an individual in society. You are so beautiful, both physically and spiritually- I hope that you allow yourself to show that to the world. It would be a shame if you didn’t. My darling… be happy. You are so worthy of happiness and love. Be open to it, and stop fearing the worst… 

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