The Boy in the Plastic Bubble…

self portrait. November 20, 2012
As a child, I grew up in a plastic bubble… 
My parents raised me in a conservative christian home where
everything was monitored, filtered and influenced by religion.

This is not a religious bash…

In most ways, we as children have no power on what we are influenced with…
But, when life changes and we experience things our parents’ wouldn’t approve of
we then are able to start defining ourselves as adults.

As an adult, I have made my mistakes and I have learned a few lessons.
There are some mistakes I regret, some mistakes that were fun.
There were the mistakes that led to great creative inspiration…and there 
were mistakes that I loved.

Regardless, they were my mistakes.

As an adult my parents and I don’t see eye to eye… on well… almost anything.
I have come to accept that.

Now, I am my own person living my own life
my relationship with my parents is… minimal.

If I could change that I would… but they still live in their bubble,
and that will never change. I have seen it now with my sister.

What is your bubble like? How limiting is it?

My bubble? It is the filter of fashion, beauty, art and life.
My bubble lets anyone in and out as I love to experience new things, new people, new places.
Though, when it comes to my personal belief system… 
Have I become like my parents, and won’t change?
Am I set in my ways in my belief system?

maybe. maybe not. I am still learning,
still experiencing and still deciding what I like in my bubble.

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