Vogue. Vogue. Vogue… What are you doing?

A formidable opponent to say the least, the power house in publishing and the Bible for those who are in fashion… Vogue.  Condenast’s publication just celebrated 120 years of fashion this past September, heralding the largest monthly publication ever. Backed by the notorious Anna Wintour, it seems as if Vogue is once again preparing for something bigger… But, for those of us who have flipped through the pages of Vogue since we were young, and started reading Vogue cover to cover as we aged we have realized two things.

The first is that Vogue is actually losing content. The photographers, the models and the clothes are becoming redundant and what was once the source of all inspiration to the fashion world is now becoming obsolete. Newer, younger, edgier magazines are making their way onto the stands and are catering to what fashionistas live for, not just the upper east side women. Secondly, it appears that Vogue’s massive budget is heading into their Fendi wallets, and Prada bags. Vogue spends thousands upon thousands of dollars to produce photo shoots that are lack luster, uninspiring and mediocre. (The only thing we envy is their retouching department, they do have the best of the best.) Other than that this September was a let down for most readers, and after the anticipated October Issue, well… It was uninspiring.

 Keira Knightly no doubt is Vogue cover worthy. She is talented, she is beautiful, and like the standard that Anna pushes the most, she is thin and fits into couture like a dream. It was nice to see behind the scene shots of the Vogue photo shoots, and Annie’s little spread on Tim Tebow was clever, and composited. It shows her shooting on a white backdrop and the actual photos published are scenic escapes. Vogue’s article on adoption, and smaller articles on family life were charming. It was nice to see ballet in the pages this month, in fact it was nicer not to see a NYCB super star, but a rising star from SAB… Silas Farley.

The redundancy of Karli Kloss is becoming irritating. In the past three issues she has held the main fashion spread, now her face and body proportions seem to be the notorious look for Vogue. If this is the standard that Vogue is only going to publish, it will be impossible to replace Karli…

With all this being said, it makes me wonder why so many still think of Vogue as the bible, versus an icon. Fashion is drastically changing, and it is constantly changing, but it seems that the only people who aren’t paying attention are the editors at Vogue.

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