Casual Nights

A night out with the boys…

I would say I have I have many different clusters of friends, and the other night SOCIAL CULTURE decided to go out together.
After a night working, we stayed for drinks, boys, men, pool, beer and a good time.

Here are a few pointers I have learned when going out with friends…

1. Be a good wingman to your friends when they want to talk to someone.
2. Don’t be afraid to go for a guy if you see someone you like, your friends will have your back.
3. When going out, make sure you and your friends DON’T match, or coordinate, it looks awkward. We call each other to make sure we are not coordinating.
4. Always bring an extra $20 to buy a guy a drink. If you don’t find someone to buy a drink for, hey- you saved 20 dollars. Don’t go spending it on yourself. Save it for next time.
5. If you are going to limit that amount of money you are going to bring, then don’t ask to borrow from your friends.
6. Don’t ever go home with someone you didn’t come with. It’s tacky.

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