life of an editor…

I have been thinking a lot lately, not only about relationships but work… It has always been a dream to work at American Vogue, but recently I have had a strong, overwhelming connection to Vogue Korea. It could be that I am Korean, or it even could be that I need to feel connected to my heritage. I’m not sure. These days I have become unsure of a lot. 

Work today was really hard. As everything was being prepped it seemed to be perfect.
Models that had come to open castings were cast.
The styling was good.
The lighting was sharp.
Ceasar, Alex and I were all in really good moods. 

It seemed to be perfect. And then suddenly, everything just went wrong.

Pictures were falling flat. Models weren’t connecting to the camera or beyond the camera.
We changed up the styling so that the models could relate better, but even then it didn’t seem like it was enough.

I don’t know what to say. 

I have so much to say, and I hate to blame it on money but if the financial resources were there I would be able to take Social Culture to a whole new level.

I’m not sure how to go abouts all of this.
I just need to find someone who believes in me, in Social Culture, in everything and invest like 10k.
LOL. If you are out there, an reading this… Please help.

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