Masculine Versus Feminine Round 1

Round One…

The Battle of the Sexes just got a little more complex… Add any amount of gays, a Fendi handbag and the gym and presto… Drama.
I get that there are many types of gays, in fact I applaud the diversity that comes with being gay. With this great amount of diversity though, I am never surprised when micro aggressions of racism and sexism come into play and how quick people come to judgements about people they don’t even know…

There are so many different ways gays have separated themselves from each other…
First we can be divided by tops and bottoms…

Then we are divided by masculine and feminine, now leaving us with the perplexities of dating…

And so after thinking about all of the sex and relationships I have experienced, and what my friends have experienced I made a little chart 🙂

It seems that Racial Preference and Sexual Preference are the base of most relationships, which makes sense. You have to be sexually attracted to the person… The problem is that we let this become the most important factor when looking for a hook up, a date, or a relationship. Preference in bed includes body type. 

You then have the basics of a hook up which look pretty much if they are a top or bottom and what the extent of that is…

Then the basics of a good first date is learning who that person is, profession, education, personality quirks, and the dreaded religion conversation.

And the base of any good relationship is the ability to experience and share life together in bed, in public and around family. Factor in Time Management, Goals and Expectations, and Experiences together and presto – RELATIONSHIP.

That was easier than I thought… hmph.

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