In the Sheets…

This may not be appropriate for people 18 and under.

Cigarette in hand, Tanqueray on the coffee table, and lap top in lap… I found myself contemplating all of these things in the following order…
Sex . Relationships . Fashion . Life

SEX is important one’s life. It actually is extremely important. We find ourselves obsessed with it, talking about it, watching porn, in the movies, all of it… It’s a part of life. I mean right? That’s how we got here in the first place… So, it’s time to start talking about sex… Before, I would consider myself to be sexually conservative, if this was Sex and the City I would definitely be a Charlotte (both in bed and out of the bed). Conservative, classic, and most of all a hopeless romantic wandering the city… 
I was having a conversations with friends about the amount of sex we have, and actually I have come this conclusion… 
RELATIONSHIPS  give us security, while sex liberates who we are. So, it isn’t the monogamy thing that we all want, it is the security of having someone, depending on someone and having someone talk to at any given moment.  So, right now in my life what do I want more? Neither. It’s the fabulous life of FASHION that I want the most. I want the life of glamour, but I want the life that will let me find new talent, and find new faces. I want to work with new and upcoming stars so I can watch their careers grow and change. I have come the understanding that it is fashion who I am married to, and that is where my heart is, and unfortunately it seems like you can’t have both…


Here is the crazy part… I find myself lately becoming obsessed with sex and relationships.

There have been the whimsical romances like the one I had in New York that never came into existence. There have been the romantic holiday relationships that resulted in breaking up at a starbucks. There have been the long term relationships that result in heartbreak and there have been the friends who turn into hook ups. 

But recently, very recently I encountered a new type of relationship… and a sexual experience I hadn’t had before. 
As cliche as that may sound… I recently met a guy who is probably the most passionate man I have ever been with… I recently consulted with a girlfriend, I needed a second opinion on the entire situation. 

What happens when you meet someone at a bar, who instantly finds a connection with you. His eye contact is extremely intense and well… at this bar I ended up kissing him… and then, something out of character, I took him home. The sex you ask? Is amazing… Maybe it’s too good, because I cant get enough. The downside you may ask? He is leaving. But I have this connection to him, it’s addicting. 
He’s smart, he’s funny, he’s attractive… He’s about to leave as he’s a foreigner… I am not sure.

Do I pursue something with him as he is into me?
And I am into him….

It’s quite possible that I will get hurt…
That nothing good can come of this but great sex, good conversation and a few good laughs.

Well that solves that… Pursue it.

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