Ballet and Relationships

Ballet. It’s funny how ballet and relationships are the same. In ballet we all know what perfection is, or should know. We know that there are body types that are perfect, and those that aren’t. There are those who have perfect fifth, and a stellar arabesque. We know ideally what the position should look like, but let’s face it… It rarely happens. We spend our whole lives striving for perfection. We are taught the mechanics, the basics and we torment ourselves with the perfection of Svetlana Zakarhova, Natalia Osipova,  Ashley Bouder, and others. We then become involved in the artistry of ballet and are romanced by the classics of Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty and Giselle…

The same goes with relationships.

We know the basics… Play nicely… Treat others the way you want to be treated…
We practice… Failed relationships that we learned something from…
We are romanced with fairytales and wait for knights in shinning armour…
But perfection… Rarely happens.

So how do cope?

Some of us will spend a lifetime getting to know one person, who you will grow old with and be ever so much in love. Some of us will spend a lifetime of sexual encounters and that will be satisfactory. Some of us will spend an entire life married to a career and some might spend the rest of their lives consistently dating but never want or have a long term relationship…

If in ballet very few of us make it to be professional… Yet alone, become a soloist or a principal.

Even though we commit every hour of our life to it, practice until we literally bleed- sometimes things just don’t add up.

So few of us will make it into a healthy relationship… Yet alone get married and stay married … So that dream… doesn’t always come true…

And no matter how hard you try in a relationship, sometimes it just breaks.

And so, we move on. Some go onto teaching, and some will go back to school, and some will go into a world of glitter and the glamour of fashion.

So here’s a toast to the broken hearted…

My fellow people who have had their heart broken by lovers, by careers, or by dreams… It gets better.

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