Big Day…

Today we officially launched 
Including our new on-line social networking tools!
Go Us! It was Africa hot today… so Shorts, a tank, and Michael Kors.

Also, Vogue announced their September Cover that is due to hit stands next week. The largest issue ever. As Lady Gaga had the March 2011 cover, she now graces the cover again this time fiercer than ever in Vogue’s largest issue ever. 916 pages celebrating 120 years of ruling fashion. Anna Wintour has definitely done something right, as she has influenced generations at the masses. Now, fashion is now more than ever one of the most important things to the the majority of America. Somehow, everyone now is caring about fashion and wants to dress well. Bravo. 

Now, it’s time for me to take over. Thanks.
So, as Vogue celebrates 120 years, we celebrate year 1… 
Here’s to hoping we become a household name in fashion.

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