Flowers and Bullshit…

It’s a normal Sunday night for me… working: going over notes for Social Culture, and prepping for the week. 
As stressful as it may be, I love it. But I was sitting, working in my living room when I noticed how nice my living room actually is. 
So I took some pictures with the iPhone and compiled it. It’s quite nice. Don’t you think?

Now… Bullshit.

I am not a relationship expert, in fact I am probably the farthest thing from being a relationship expert. But I do know the following about relationships, well gay ones that is…

Four things to look out for when getting to know someone, to see if they are even ready to date (ask them to yourself as well):
1. Are they independent? Both emotionally and financially. If they still live at home it is probably not the best of signs, especially if they are over 22. Independence shows that they are mature, and understand how to take care of themselves as well as someone else. If they still go to their friends for every detail of their lives, relationships or sex life… they probably aren’t the best candidate… 

2. Do they set long term short term goals? If they don’t know what they want in the long term, run for the hills. If they can’t even make short term goals like when they will see you next… Run – they are probably flaky. Goals are really important, most people don’t take the time to plan anything anymore. Yes, spontaneity is great in a relationship, but it can’t be the foundation…

3. The popular game? Are their lives posted on facebook, instagram, twitter … is it important that they have a bazillion followers? 
It is one thing if it is for work, but if they tell you that they are bench pressing, or at carl’s jr, if they post about walking to the bus, then at the bus, then at the train station, then on the train … they probably care more about their appearance and popularity than anything else?

4. Finally, stick to 3 – 3 – 3 -3 
in the first 3 seconds are you sexually attracted to them? If you aren’t attracted to them… you might get bored and cheat lol.
in the first 3 dates you know whether or not you want to date them or not.
after 3 weeks you know if it is serious or not…
and after 3 months you should have an idea if you want to spend the rest of your life with them, or could even see the possibility of that happening…


And that is my advice to all you gay men out there, running around as if you are on sex in the city… haha

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