Alexis Mabille sent down classic with a twist… it was kind of tired and didn’t have a lot to say.
Sneakers and a suit was so three years ago…

Andrea Pompilio
was a pleasant surprise with the great color blocking choices, as this spring for men we were delivered with that caramel and mustard yellow we will be moving into a brighter yellow and a more orange browns 🙂

is delivering really chic looks, the plaid works, and the take on the peacoat is a great new spring look for 2013.

Was Topman on for 2013 delivering neons … again..
.Or will it be a miss. I also felt that the hem of the shorts should have been hire… 

Valentino is always classy. Point taken.

This season was the long awaited return of jill sanders
who was kind of a let down.

But my pleasant surprise was Zegna.

MFW SPRING 2013 ZEGNA RUNWAY SHOW… SUPER CHIC!!! ❤ and adore.;sz=320×320;ord=timestamp?;lid=41000613802464048;pid=23305905;usg=AFHzDLvRDmHLPbMM40UCAi5QPDAG1vTsYg;;pubid=608744;;width=320;height=284
Corneliani looks like they did a tribute to 50 shades of gray and not to mention… the lighting is very well, I have seen it before, I think it might have been at a marc jacobs show but I could be wrong… Who cares, the show looked great.

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