Lazy Saturday Mornings…. Part 2

After a great night out drinking with the boys, it is always nice to have a more relaxed Saturday morning. My morning has been fantastic. I woke up and used Starbuck’s new individual drip coffee with their new and only tasty coffee (the blonde roast) and enjoyed a cigarette. This was followed by left over homemade sausage, potato, and asparagus quiche and some more coffee while reading the New York Times on my iPad and jotting things down in my personal journal. This was followed by on-line research and flipping through my new coffee table/ work inspiration book. As I finish these last few sentences, I am off to have Thai food with my colleague and friend Alexandra Rose. As I think to myself about these mornings, I think how great it is to just exist. 
On another note last night I made really good italian meatball soup in stewed tomato broth with onion, basil, every italian spice known to man, bowtie pastas… and yes I made it completely from scratch- broth and all. 

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