To Create Something Beautiful…

“Creativity: The ability to create something from nothing. Passion: The desire for creativity. Greatness: The journey that evolves from creativity. I just want to make a difference. I really do.” 
SOCIAL CULTURE: defining SOCIAL CULTURE is so difficult sometimes, because it was created from nothing, how does someone define the world? Or the universe? How do we define Coco Chanel, Christian Dior, Stravinsky, or Balanchine? We simply can’t. We take their entire work over a lifetime and try to compress it into something as simple as a biography or a time line of achievements. Simply that isn’t good enough.

Yesterday marked the two year anniversary of me meeting photographer Alexandra Rose, and on that day two years ago she photographed my spring collection in which got me a great job in Los Angeles. For this I owe her that, if not more as she and I are now a powerful duo and have bonded a lifetime friendship.

As fate would have it the following APRIL of 2010 we started SOCIAL CULTURE in my little bedroom that I rented from a very good friend.
Our very first photo shoot for the magazine we captured lovely images with Rebecca and Tara and this image became the start of the magazine.
Then in May we launched our first print issue….
And now here we are two years later with thousands upon thousands of pictures taken and have collaborated with amazingly talented individuals across in the Inland Empire, Los Angeles and Palm Springs and now are expanding to become more than just a magazine, but a lifestyle and network of talented individuals.

I can’t tell you exactly what SOCIAL CULTURE is but I know what I want it to be:
I want SOCIAL CULTURE to become a name that stands for everyone. I want to be able to publish and make known artists, and network people together to create amazing collaborative works. I feel like society in general has become about the individual and human connections are becoming lost in the age of technology. I want SOCIAL CULTURE to capture a generation of artists that will feed the arts, fashion and entertainment industry. I want to discover the most talented individuals and find them places and ways to make a name for themselves. SOCIAL CULTURE isn’t just about me, it is about people… It truly is going to become a SOCIAL CULTURE, from dating and lifestyle, to home and garden, to fashion and beauty, to nightlife and social climbers. This is what SOCIAL CULTURE is evolving into, and it has taken us two years to get here, but two years that has been filled with extraordinary people, places and things.
I have big plans for this year… And I will do anything to make it happen.

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