How it happens? I don’t know.

Bad things happen to good people.  It is a fact of life, whether it is deserved or not.
Good things happen to bad people, as ironic and how much I despise that notion, there is truth in it.

I have to to understand that life throws you curve balls and that life in general is “hard.” 

Here is what I don’t understand- how at the end of the day, the bad and the good we, people can justify everything by saying, “God has a plan.”

Kind of a crappy way of comforting someone.

Subject: Melanie
Profession: My Sister From Another Mister
Story: She Kicks Ass

Wish: For her to be healthy and happy-
Why?: She deserves it.

I don’t believe a lot of people deserve anything. Everyone deserves to be respected, loved and cherished.
She deserves more.

Universe, get your shit together and make it happen- or I will be extremely upset.

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