Life Happens. That’s not an excuse…

January 15, we are halfway through the month and as most people’s new year resolutions are failing or forgotten- mine are ever present. I am extremely happy. And I am busting my ass off to promote SOCIAL CULTURE.
Today was kind of a hectic day, between juggling clients, driving to Los Angeles for a music video shoot, and then coming home to find a massive amount of e-mails waiting for me- I am now playing catch up. To quote, again Nigel from the Devil Wears Prada, “Let me know when your entire life goes up in smoke: then it’s time for a promotion.
And I hate to admit it- but it seems to be true. You have to sacrifice a lot in this industry to be successful, but I think you pick and choose what you sacrifice- and on that note, the people around you have a large part in this. If they are understanding than the communication between friends might be less frequent. If they are loving they will support you 100 percent. If they truly were a large part of your life than they would try to get involved in your “new” life. If they wanted to be selfish and blame you for not trying- that is their fault. Life is so short, and recently I was reminded of that. 
So, adding to my list of resolutions and goals: Relationships, Friendships and Networking.

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