Jumping off the Deep End

Me. This time Last Year

    This upcoming year is carefully being planned out. I expect great things out of this next year and I have to dedicate my entire existence to it. The majority of my life, I have always been a go getter. When I see something I want, I do everything in my power to get it. I am smart and realistic about these things, but lately I have become almost complacent with my life. After a series of recent events, I am able to look back on my life over the past year and realize that I devoted a lot of my time this year to what I like to call distractions…

    Let’s clarify this year… At the beginning of this year, yes I was kind of engaged, and no it didn’t work out. At the beginning of this year, the magazine (www.socialculture.com) was struggling, and I myself was losing my own vision, a vision in which I created. At the beginning of this year I was kind of lost and confused, and really didn’t have a strong idea of what was going to happen. My mentor in life had broken her ankle and I took on teaching all of her dance classes and choreographing an entire hour’s worth of dances. By June, it was decided that we were going to remodel our studios in Perris, CA and after a month of hard work on July 1, 2011 we re-opened SOCIAL CULTURE IE, a photography studio. It took us until Mid October to have the On-Line magazine up and running, and currently we still are not fully functional- in terms of becoming a fashion hub, but we will be.

    As the year comes to an end I am able to think that every event, every meeting and every encounter I have had has let me realize three great New Year’s Resolutions:

    1. Be happy.
    2. Launch SOCIAL CULTURE to a broader audience and be more consistent, regardless of the efforts, and time it will take.
    3. Start campaigning to create a performing arts center in the Inland Empire that will help spread the    education, and the tools needed for young individuals to further their chances in their respective fields.

So what is next? How do you go about doing all of this in a matter of twelve months? Not to mention, work on my novel and find a way to get it published. Where to begin, where to begin? The scary part isn’t being ambitious, the scary part is carving out my own path in life. There isn’t a book I can pick up that will tell me exactly how to be successful, or how to dominate the world of fashion and somehow influence or cultivate the arts in our communities. This is all definitely something I am doing from scratch, experimenting and have less than a year to do.

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