The Leading Ladies of Our Times

Whether it was destiny, social climbing, money or connection these women have made their mark on the world. Across the world 18 of these exist, and each of these publications has a fearless woman leader… Vogue.

In the world of Fashion, Vogue (specifically American Vogue) has set the international standard in fashion for beauty, style, trend and photography. Since the publication’s start in 1892 Vogue has evolved into the modern day bible. These woman who collectively, yet independently make us fashionistas go out and buy every version we can get our hands on… These women are:
Anna Wintour (United States)
Alexandra Shulman (United Kingdom)
Emmanuelle Alt (France)
Daniela Falcão (Brazil)
Franca Sozzani (Italy)
Angelica Cheung (China)
Victoria Davydova (Russia)
Kirstie Clements (Australia)
Christiane Arp (Germany)
Myung Hee Lee (Korea)
Priya Tanna (India)
Elena Makris (Greece)
Seda Domaniç (Turkey)
Mitsuko Watanabe (Japan)
Rosalie Huang (Taiwan)
Eva Hughes (Mexico & Spanish America)
Yolanda Sacristán (Spain)
Paula Mateus (Portugal)

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