The fame question

I can’t help but wonder what it’s like to be unpopular or someone completely removed from social society. I have recently encountered a group of gay men my age that have no interest in film, fashion, and the arts… Who have never heard of having your eyebrows threaded and have never heard or used the terms: fierce, gaysian, balenciaga, or Tea, cunt and scene…. The only gay they know are from porn, will and grace and brothers and sisters…. Awkward… Oh ps when they go to clubs they wear jeans, timbs, a screen t and logging vest… And no they aren’t bears or lumberjacks… Ps my director of photography now references grindr… She’s getting it

One thought on “The fame question

  1. There are many subcultures of gay that stem beyond film, fashion etc. I'm glad you've had the opportunity to encounter this group since fighting stereotypes also involves realizing that you shouldn't be shocked by folks that aren't stereotypical.Maybe “unpopular” is the incorrect word to describe these people. A better word might be “removed from mainstream gay culture.”


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