Fashion and the Standards that have become…

Here is the truth of this statement and how we can break it down…. Fashion is a multibillion dollar global market- and this market is so successful because fashion. clothing is a requirement. It isn’t like we just wake up, shower and walk out of the door naked… nope… there are standards…

What we wear to work to what we wear to the club- fashion has created an unspoken social standard. Whether or not this is a functional, fashion still falls under the category of luxury. How many of us can walk down the street holding a Marc Jacobs, or the newest watch from Dolce and Gabanna. I bet very few of us own a Chanel suit, or Balenciaga jacket. This is just the truth of the matter…

SOCIAL CULTURE IE is about to have our new hire orientation on Monday and a lot of people I think are stressed because they don’t know what to wear…  So lets talk about what to wear when going to an interview…. First impressions are everything, and more importantly- a first impression in the fashion industry is crucial…

Lets start off by things to avoid: Denim, Heavy Eyeliner, Plastic, Flats, and things that don’t fit….
Things to make sure you have: Chapstick, groomed hair, a good pair of closed toe heels/ pumps- and a jacket…

The jacket is crucial- it is says you are here for business. But find a jacket that is trendy… maybe with military embellishments or an interested cut or color. Find a blazer that has a spark of something extra….

The shirt says who you are as an individual. Blue is calming, red is powerful, or take the risk by picking a fashion color like teal, berry, nude, or a yellow or orange… Don’t pick the floral print/hawaiian print- etc etc etc

SHOES MATTER… heels women… they suck… they do. But they say that you are fashionable and can walk in heels. Right there says you can take the heat and endure anything. Stomping around all day in stilettos is tough and most everyone in fashion knows that- so make sure you have them on…. Plus get your calf work out on… who needs shape ups when you have a good pair of stilettos?  Men- go buy a nice pair of shoes…. not from payless or wal mart…. Go to Aldo or Steve Madden… Don’t do the pleather with fringe… it creeps me out.

Accessorize… Pearls can say conservative, but intelligent…. Metal says you are trendy… Leather says you are hip…. Gold says you can be classic… Silver says you are subtle…. DON’T wear plastic… that says you are just cheap… We are not in 80’s….

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