PASADENA… serenade, and ballet.

Let’s see, where to begin…. Have you ever seen the movie “RUMOR HAS IT?” It features Jennifer Aniston… Shirley McClain…
Loosely based off the graduate… Or at least features “the Graduate” Well regardless.. Here I am in Pasadena and no I won’t be cracking any jokes about it. The movie did that enough for, well forever. Moving on, besides the quaint little shops, the semi fashionable, semi charming women, and the old brick buildings… there is still room for me… Well at least room at this Starbucks…

This morning I went and gathered clothes for an upcoming photo shoot. The photo shoot was inspired by this image. I went on a walk there with Sebastien and became really inspired. I used the iPhone app Hipstamatic to really capture the essence.

Kind of Ironic since my favorite ballet opens with a formation based on orange groves. Serenade was another inspiration. In fact it is probably the most influential piece of art that influences me. The score is Serenade For String by Tchaikovsky… The choreography is George Balanchine’s but the movement is the dancers’. I can’t explain it. But there is something magical that happens when dancing Serenade… But it is more magical to the audience. Balanchine is notoriously over quoted, “See the music, Hear the dance.” Well the fact is… He was right, especially when it comes to these four movements.

On another note… How do we feel about recycled clothing? I am not talking about that hipster- lets all go to the thrift store and by something and call it chic look. I am genuinely talking about recycled clothes… FREITAG BAGS of Germany is doing it and they are obviously doing it well… Since the average bag retails around $300.00… How the cost is affective I have no clue? Don’t get me wrong, they are trendy and quite possibly chic… Actually they are really chic. But this is the problem… Why are we paying the exact same price for a recycled bag as a regular bag? Isn’t recycling not only supposed to earth friendly but also affordable? Regardless you should check them out… Some of their bags have recycled seatbelts, car parts and more.

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