movies I enjoy

1. GIGI… not the gigli or whatever crap that movie was… the 1958 MGM classic staring leslie carron and maurice chavelier.
2. coco before Chanel. 
3. coco and igor
4. amelie
5. j’taime paris
6. the hours
7. the holiday | the notebook | a walk to remember and other sappy movies
8. pride and prejudice (both the original BBC one with stud colin firth, and the new one with Kiera Knightly)
9. Memoirs of a geisha 
10. the importance of being ernest.
11. the devil wears prada | the september issue 
12. moulin rouge, chicago, and that is about it for the musical category
13. Gosford Park
14. the young victoria | jane austen book club ( i really do like emily blunt)
15. my tribute to anne hathaway … becoming jane, rachel getting married, the princess diaries …

other good ones
the motor cycle diaries
a very long engagement
the girl with the pearl earring 
revolutionary road | the reader | sense and sensibility (kate winslet is a good one)

i am realizing i really like emily blunt, meryl streep, kate winslet and anne hathaway 

One thought on “movies I enjoy

  1. ps. i really like Elizabeth, the golden age, and benjamin button (kate blanchett)also i have an obsession with gwyneth paltrow for emma, Shakespeare in love, proof, and sylvia


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