and a dynasty is born…

when irving penn passed away vogue published some of his greatest works.
this was one of the leads in the spread. when i saw this picture i knew that this is what i wanted to do.
not take the photo, but make the photo happen.

irving penn’s dazzling dozen 1947
since this photo was taken… fashion was never the same. that same year Christian Dior puts out the new look. february 12
the same year TIME magazine puts an American Fashion designer on the cover.
jackie robinson is the first professional black baseball player
saab produces it’s first automobile
the cia, dept or defense, national security council, and more are established
pakistan becomes a country, prussia no longer is a country
the sound barrier is broken in flight
ak 47 is invented
microwaves are release to the pubic
the doomsday clock is invented…

it was a crazy year…

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