In all honesty, I am not a fan of the holidays. I don’t really have that many great memories surrounding them. We have our typical family traditions but every year I was reminded, that I was the one who counted the presents under the tree. So, as I grew up I tried to make it up… wrapping all the presents, trying to be cherry, buying everything to fill the stockings (that was a great time with my brother Adam), baking cookies, helping make shortbread- but still Christmas isn’t something I am fond of.
My favorite memories around the holidays revolve around ballet. Being exhausted from ballet, laying in my pajamas watching movies. I remember one Christmas- I was in Chicago and my flat mate was working, and it was just me alone in a gorgeous apartment. I went outside to smoke and walked around the block in the dark with snow falling all around me and I was thinking: this is so wonderful… Another Christmas I got to spend was with someone, we had to celebrate early because I was working Christmas Eve night and then my coworkers and I had a little christmas dinner working overnight.
I don’t particularly like the birth of Jesus being thrown in my face. The amount of money we are obligated to spend on people, and I HATE the fact that people just want to hug and touch you all the time. Call me scrooge… but there are things that I do love about the holiday season…
First I love the fashion, all of the holiday cocktail dresses, the sequins, and the furs… boots, and trench coats, scarves and hats. The fashion is fantastic. I love the music of Christmas… Nutcracker, Carols, and other catchy melodies. I like how people do random acts of good deeds like donate money to charities, and all of this other stuff… But most of all I love it when people go out of their way to make me like Christmas… It amuses me… and makes me even more turned off to the fact that well frankly- I just don’t enjoy the holiday…
But new years rolls around and THAT IS my favorite holiday. The drinking, the fashion, the beauty, the laughing, the food, the glamor. I love it all…. So, my dear facebook friends- I hope YOU ALL have a fantastic Holiday, and an even better new years…

photo credit: brian mengini via facebook

this is what makes me happy… seeing young girls become stars… seeing beautiful people, dance beautiful choreography, and that to me is the most magical thing… when someone young, talented, and dedicated can produce the impossible.

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