that importance of being Asian.

I think this post will be the first post with depth and relevance… HAH!
Besides the fact that I fill my days thinking about christian louboutin…
Or the fact that I spend hours a week deciding which designer I would like to have sex with, or 
how many times can I can use the words “fierce” or “hot mess” or “that’s hot” “tranny hot mess” in once sentence for my amusement…

but… on a more intelligent note, on a non superficial plane of my existence … yes I know that is hard to believe….

I had a thought on why being Asian is so important.

1. there is a very large disconnect in the social strata between races, particularly Asians in gay world.
Gay world is governed by shallow pretenses and first appearances… hence why I am so “fierce” when I walk into work, 
or how “butch” I am when I go to the grocery store. But regardless there is an underlying separation of races among gay men.

2. the stereotypes that have been built in our main streamed heterosexual agenda… well have capitalized and 
has hyper sexualized and desexualized Asians in general. And yes, I do believe that fashion has contributed 
to this… Ethnic cool… Sensuality over sexuality. Always this mind over matter, bhuddist nonsense 
of geisha lovers and dragon ladies. (then again I know a lot of those… mostly men)

3. as much as i bitch about it… i do love being asian. even if at times it makes me unattractive. 

and lastly… the reason why it is important to be asian… well for me at least… is to be called a gaysian.

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