And I am back.
The world has been crazy lately, and I am no exception. At All… Fashion weeks are pouring in from all over the world and thanks to the internet we all can track them. Though, as September marks the January for the fashion, academia, and social world- this September has been a let down. Especially in fashion. Usually fashion week is filled with innovative looks, stunning and edgy silhouettes, a beacon of light for new trend and the reinvention of the classics. Unfortunately I was disappointed right from the get go. Vogue’s September Issue failed me, and as the economy of publishing is not getting better, well either is Vogue. It was quite a let down. Nothing at NY FASHION WEEK for RTW SPRING 2010 really got my rocks off. OSCAR DE LA RENTA didn’t surprise me with pastels for spring, and Michael Kors bore me to tears. I was surprised that I liked CK, really surprised. So many designers were let downs- Alexander Wang, Philip Lim 3.1, Zac Posen, Proenza Schouler, Rodarte, and even Marchesa- well they were let downs. DKNY was a joke. I will say though- CHRISTIAN SIRIANO got my rocks off… I loved it.

I will update soon with EURO FASHION week.


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